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Harnessing the Power behind PowerBi Field Reporting Dashboards, Apps & Workflow

Starting Up - Our Roots Into Mobile Apps

Starting up in 1998 in Melbourne Australia to address the emerging Mobile handheld technology market (which in those days meant PalmPilots and to a lesser degree, Symbian powered devices that wound up powering BlackBerry mobile phones).

In case you weren't up with trends back in '98, there was an App Store called PalmGear with a host of native productivity Apps for the PalmPilot that you had to download and install from your computer.

You could even buy an AA battery powered clip-on modem to plug into a phone line and send emails that you'd composed offline.

In later years you could even cable up a Qualcomm CDMA mobile phone for mobile email and browsing the web.

This all happened 3 years before Apple released their Newton mobile device and 7 years before Steve Jobs’ famous iPhone launch.

We had some very prestigious Australian customers who were keen to learn what was possible in this new world of mobile Apps and online field reporting.

What soon emerged was a growth market for custom field reporting Dashboards, Apps and Work-Flow Automation increasing collaboration between field and office personnel.

Moving Into Custom Developed Mobile Apps

We wrote Data Capture and Mobile Reporting systems for Road Authority Inspections, Construction & Building Management, Medical & Incident Reporting, International Tobacco Marketing, Cosmetics Marketing, the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Food Manufacturers Mobile Sales and many more.

Our technology stack continued to improve and by the end of 2002 we'd grown into a fully-fledged SaaS company for the Retail Merchandising line of business that we launched into the UK and US markets.


Embracing Technological Change

Harnessing the Power behind Microsoft Power BI For Apps, Dashboards & Workflow

Keeping up with technological changes, in 2013 we launched a refreshed and redesigned SaaS Solution with a responsive design for mobile field audits and field reporting.

In 2013, Microsoft released Power BI for business intelligence dashboard reporting to developers. We enthusiastically jumped on board with plans of incorporating this amazingly powerful dashboard technology into our systems, and we were up to speed and ready when Power BI was made generally available in July of 2015.

Microsoft's full suite includes Power Apps for rapid mobile applications development plus Microsoft Flow for workflow automation rounding out a very compelling set of tools.

We do our best to stay at the cutting edge of Microsoft's and other technologies to give our customers a competitive technology advantage over their competitors and to delight their customers.


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Experience Counts

We can save you a huge amount of time - not only in your reports generation and analysis - but also by having the right information at the right time without having to waste time digging around for information. Contact us. We'd love to learn how we could be of assistance to you.