Who can benefit from PowerBI Dashboard Technology? Just about anyone – and you’re invited!

In case you’re unaware of what PowerBI is, according to Gartner Group, PowerBI is the #1 Dashboard technology that’s empowering decision-makers in large and small businesses across all industries. Hands down, it’s the easiest, most cost effective and fully-featured dashboard reporting service available. Tableau is also a great option for Dashboard Reporting, but for a bunch of […]

Microsoft Power BI blows Excel out of the water

Excel still excels (excuse the pun) when it comes to most common business uses, but when it comes to data analysis, Microsoft Power BI blows Excel out of the water. Sure, you can install the shared Power BI/Excel add-on – “Analyse in Excel” – but being immersed in the Power BI user interface that’s been […]

Executive Dashboards – Real Time Business

Executive Dashboards – Real Time Reporting for Real Time BusinessCompanies conduct business in an “online era” where industries operate in real-time. An era where everything has to be done at warp-speed to satisfy customers wanting things done yesterday with instant gratification.So, why is it then that so many business owners are forced to wait days […]