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Create a Report in Excel - View it as a Real-time Dashboard Report

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Dashboard Reports Made Easy As 2-4-6-8

I bet you never thought that you could create reports in Excel and then have them looking this gorgeous, Online in Realtime with great Visuals to drive your business and decision making!

Here is how we do it for you.

  • 1. You already have your data in an excel spreadsheet and now you want to view it as a Report (without learning how to create a Pivot Table and all that other technical stuff) OR
  • 2. You are looking at your data in Word format and don't know how to put it into Excel or generate a report?
  • 3. Either way, you email it to us as it is OR you put it into Dropbox and email us the link.
  • 4. We work our magic (typically 1-2 days) and email you back a link to your Live Dashboard Report that has been generated from your Excel Data, which is what your Dashboard Report displays.
  • 5. We chat and train you on how to use your Dashboard report to view and analyse your Word or Excel Data, drill down for further analysis, compare figures across months, quarters, categories, states or whatever you are reporting on.
  • 6. Now every time that you add new data and update information in your Excel worksheet, it is instantly updated and reflected in your Real Time Dashboard.
  • 7. It is your Data, your reports, your IP - you own it - we don't. - Now that is powerful.
  • 8. Too Easy - create reports in Excel once, and view them live, online, on any mobile device or desktop, from any Browser, anywhere you are at any time of the day or night.

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