Dashboard Reporting

Take a Prototype or Dashboard Report for a Spin

Interactive online Dashboard Reporting and Mobile Apps that run in any browser and on any mobile device.

  • Responsive design dashboards and apps. At a glance visibility into what's happening in your business to take action, address issues and see opportunities.
  • Prototypes take days to build so you see the app in action before it's even been built!
  • PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) that run on any device plus there's just one version to maintain for Web Browsers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.

Click an image below to view a sample mobile app prototype or sample LOB Dashboard Reports.

Food Delivery App Prototype

Profit, Sales & Expenses Dashboards

Retail Chain Audits

Site Defect Inspection Dashboard Report

How we give you Stunning dashboards.

Easy, you just share your Excel spreadsheet file with us – we work our magic – you get Stunning Live Actionable Dashboard Reporting. Every time you make a change to your spreadsheet it is displayed in easy to understand Visuals on your Dashboard.