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Dashboards from excel spreadsheets

I came across an absolute “Gem” that’s proven to be really useful.
Simply save your Excel Workbook into OneDrive and follow the point-and-click instructions below.
(1) Save your Excel Workbook containing the cells you want to display on your blog post or web page.
(2) Login to OneDrive, select the Workbook and right-click then click “Embed”.
(3) This panel will appear to the right of your screen.
(4) Scroll down and click the “Customize …” link.
(5) In this example I want to display a selected cell range.
(6) Once selected you’ll see a preview of the result.
(7) You have several self-explanatory options to select or deselect.
(8) Based on your selections, the iframe code is generated for you to copy/paste the same way you’d embed a YouTube video.
That’s it! Enjoy.
Embed Excel

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