Executive Dashboards for small business

Fully customized Executive Dashboards - to match your business - are an essential business tool for executives and business owners.
They provide an interactive top-down and cross-operations - real-time view - helping to keep your finger on the pulse with live data.
Here's some of what you can expect from a dashboard report that's created especially for you:

  • Business dashboards that summarize complex information and present them to you in an easily digestible way.
  • Your business and your data. Fully integrated and customized Dashboards that match your specific reporting requirements.
  • A visual representation of how your business and team are performing in real-time.
  • Dashboards give guidance to making better decision, quicker in order to take advantage of situations or to avert potential issues.
  • Online executive dashboarda as a web service that's accessible wherever you are, whenever you want, on whatever device is most convenient to you.
  • Giving you access to business-critical information, metrics and KPIs straight to your web-browser.
  • Transforms your business reporting data into interactive business intelligence dashboards.
  • No Dashboard Software to install or maintain and no 'Tech-heads' required.