Sales & Expenses Dashboards

Live Example of a Profit, Sales & Expenses Dashboard

the live dashboard loads in a few seconds ....


How to Navigate this Dashboard

Above is a three-tab Profit, Sales and Expenses Dashboards that runs in any browser (you're currently on page 3).

You can view and drill into sales and expenses data on your laptop, PC, or mobile devices to keep your finger on the pulse of your business operations to know how well it is doing today, or make comparisons with other historical data.  

To use this dashboard, tap/click on any section of a chart and all the other charts (or 'Visualizers') are automatically 'Cross-Filtered'.

Hover your mouse (long press) on the top right of a Chart to clear filters on that chart or to export the underlying filtered data to Excel or go into full-screen mode to see the selected chart in detail.

You'll discover more features but the above major points should show you the power behind this awesome technology. Here are some additional features that our profit,sales & expenses dashboards can deliver to your business, whatever industry you're in.

Sales & Expenses Dashboards to Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

A smarter way to keep a close watch on Sales & Expenses, even if you're not in the office.