Retail Merchandising Dashboard Reports

Retail Merchandising Dashboard Reports

Figures are great, but once they are presented Visually you can then start to view trends, compare sales, instore issues, stock or merchandising errors instantly.

  • Retail Merchandising data collected in the field instantly are viewable in your Dashboard Report - Live from your Excel data
  • BYOD - View retail audit dashboards on any smart device, in any browser, wherever you are located.
  • Pinpoint issues and take action on in-store retail issues immediately.
  • Whatever data you collect in-store or in your Excel spreadsheet that you want to report on, it can instantly be transformed into these stunning dashboards.
  • Make sense of your cumbersome spreadsheet data, make better decisions, quicker.
  • Gain actionable insights from data that your merchandisers record including photos and location tracking.

Click the image below to view a sample Retail Audit Dashboard.

Rapid Implementation – you own the solution

Don't let someone else own your Retail Auditing System plus the IP - It's a Valuable Asset that should belong to you !