Revenue & Expense Dashboards

Revenue & Expense Dashboards

Profitability, Revenue & Expense Dashboards that have great visuals put you in a better position to make sense of your Sales & POS Data (that's often buried in spread-sheets) allowing you to take action instantly if issues arise.

  • How well are your sales tracking and your expenses being controlled? Instantly view up-to-date Profit, Revenue & Expense the minute your spreadsheet is updated.
  • Figures are great, but once they are presented visually you can see trends, compare sales over periods and drill into the information you need to take the right action.
  • View KPI's, sales trends and monitor your best and worst performing products to determine which to promote and which to cut.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse even when you are away from your business. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to login to your profitability, revenue & expense dashboards using any browser.

Click the image below to view a sample Financials Dashboard.

Manage Your Business Better With Profitability, Revenue & Expense Dashboards

A smarter way to keep a close watch on income & expenses