Site Defect Inspection Dashboard Report

Example of a Site Defect Inspection Dashboard Report

the live dashboard loads in a few seconds ....

Navigating this Construction Dashboard Report

Above is a two-tab Site Defect Inspection Dashboard Report that runs in any browser (you're currently on page 2).

Use this Dashboard Report for Punch List / Snag List views and many others (including photos) on your mobile devices to keep your finger on the pulse of your operation.

To use this dashboard for reporting, tap/click on any section of a chart and all the other charts (or 'Visualizers') are automatically 'Cross-Filtered' and displayed.

Hover your mouse (long press) on the top right of a Chart to clear filters on that chart to export the underlying filtered data, such as incident reports regarding hazards, or whatever defect reporting types are of interest, to Excel or go into full-screen mode to see the selected chart in detail.

There are many more features that you will discover with your own "Custom Site Defect Inspection Dashboard Report", but the above will let you experience the power behind this reporting tool for your defect & field reporting.

From Site Inspections to your Dashboard – even before your Site Inspector leaves the site.

Use Work-Flow Automation to automatically notify trades and supervisors of defects, hazards or whatever data hits your Excel data source - all on Auto-Pilot.