Who can benefit from PowerBI Dashboard Technology? Just about anyone – and you’re invited!

Dashboard Reporting

In case you’re unaware of what PowerBI is, according to Gartner Group, PowerBI is the #1 Dashboard technology that’s empowering decision-makers in large and small businesses across all industries. Hands down, it’s the easiest, most cost effective and fully-featured dashboard reporting service available.

Tableau is also a great option for Dashboard Reporting, but for a bunch of reasons, unless you are determined not to use a cloud only service, PowerBI is a superb, inexpensive service that (to me) makes it pretty much a no-brainer.

So why should you be interested? Simply put, flying your business blind is no longer an option. Your competitors may not yet have discovered that live real-time actionable business insights are a major competitive edge, but as cloud dashboard reporting becomes more pervasive – they soon will.

Although Microsoft claims that PowerBI is aimed at “Power Users” who aren’t  necessarily IT professionals, they’re only partly correct. Yes, even a non-IT person can become adept at PowerBI, but like anything worthwhile, this only happens after a substantial amount of study and practice.

This leaves your options to (1) either empower your in-house IT Guy or Gal, or (2) outsource the job to the experts.

These blog posts will assume you’ve decided to do the former – i.e. (1) going it alone with your own IT people/person.

So in subsequent posts, I’ll share my hard-won knowledge on how to make the most of this amazing technology.

Please feel free to share the information that I provide with your resident IT Guy/Gal, but be warned that my guidance – should you choose to follow it, will give you the full picture – warts and all. By that, I mean that IT people (like me) can be prone to underestimating timeframes or tripping over unforeseen obstacles, so I’ll be giving you a head-up on the traps for young players plus useful pointers to resources and best practices.

If you have any queries please reach out to me on Messenger or LinkedIn and I’ll give you my best advice. Either that or I’ll point you to the resources you need.

Happy BI’ing,

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