Workflow Automation for Business

Workflow Automation – Less Manual Intervention – Better Results

Streamline your internal and field operations with workflow automation for business and experience the difference. Automate your task tracking workflow to empower field workers, managers and stake-holders with real time two-way notifications and escalations.

  • New notifications and status updates are delivered instantly via Messenger, email, within the Mobile App or in your Browser.
  • Drive business process efficiency - empower people - save money - get more done.
  • Eliminate duplicate tasks, reduce manual entry and mitigate against error prone manual processes.
  • Delivering business critical information - no matter what or where it is - to the right recipients so they can make faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Collect, organize and identify patterns in diverse and fast-changing environments to identify problems faster.
  • People-driven process and workflow automation that people will want to adopt to make their work easier.
  • A BYOD strategy enhances productivity, employee satisfaction, and the cost effectiveness of your business.
Workflow Automation for Business

Minimize Manual Work and Errors with Work Automation

Simplify operations - Reduce manual checking - Save time - Save money. Automatically notify Trades and Supervisors via email, Messenger and 'Push-Notifications' to ensure the right actions are escalated to the right people at the right time.